Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unicorn lions and feather girls

Not too much to report at the moment, just plugging along with my consistant workload. Despite my constant pursuit of the holy grail that is a good nights sleep, I'm really loving this just non stop work mode I'm in. I'm really enthused about all of my projects, and my views on illustration and design are rapidly evolving. 

I believe I previously mentioned that we recently had a patterning workshop with the amazing Julia Rothman here in the MICA ILP MFA program. I have an entire collection in the works, but I really enjoyed my sketch from the workshop so I decided to bring that to final. 

Additionally, I have an upcoming assignment that requires depicting an obscure fictional land. While it is not the one that I have chosen, I was fascinated by the concept of feather island. The inhabitants are all women who instead of hair have feathers and are birthed from exotic bird eggs. Their queen is born from the phoenix egg and therefore is ever reborn. The lowly citizen come from furry caterpillar eggs and therefore have wiry hair instead of feathers. This is definitely a world I plan to explore more in my spare time, but I took some time to doodle these lovely ladies in the meant time. 

That's about it for now, so until next time, best wishes!


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