Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm going digital!

So I'm two weeks into my second semester of grad school, and it is already busier than the end of the last haha. It's all totally worth it though, and I'm really loving my classes and projects this semester! We have an amazing unit coming up with licensing and patterning with Julia Rothman that I'm really looking forward too. So far though, I think the highlight of my course load is my digital course with Kali. I'm feel that I've already gotten a great deal out of it and we still have plenty yet to go. My first piece for the course was an editorial illustration with the prompt "giving up something in order to gain".

This image was my solution to the problem. I really love my large, floppy hats, and the more decorative the better! We also did a really quick, fun character design collab to prepare us for our next assignment where one person made a silhouette and the other completed the design. I wanted to share it with you guys because my good friend Lisa Perrin and I worked on this together, and she's really talented so you should all go check out her work! 

(I did the silhouette and Lisa did the sweet line details!)

And to wrap up the post, I did a quick doodle of my Sugar Rush Racer self again to try out something a bit different while working digitally. 

I have to say that I'm definitely excited about using digital media again, and I think finding a balance between my traditional and digital techniques will really help to evolve my work. So in the words of Walt Disney, I'll just KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Until next time, best wishes!


P.S. did anyone catch the Digimon reference in the post's title, or am I just an uber nerd?

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