Saturday, April 27, 2013

Magical Girl Battle Royale!

For my independent project this semester, I began the early stages of concepting for a game: Magical Girl Battle Royale! I was so excited to combine two of my favorite things: magical heroines and ultimate fights to the death! While I might leave the "to the death" part out of the actual production, I'm really excited to continue moving forward with this and plan to have a complete board/card game hybrid by the end of this year! There is still a lot of opportunity for growth and change, but for now, I present you with the first girls of Magical Girl Battle Royale!

With only one week left before my year end review, things are pretty hectic here, but I still have a few more projects to share before my first year in grad school is all said and done. So until then, best wishes!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birds and Fancy Things!

So I am way late on this blog post, as these patterns have been floating around the internet elsewhere for nearly two months haha. I had jumped right from these into several other projects, so they kind of fell to the back of my mind. Better late than never I suppose! The theme I ran with for these was "Birds and Fancy Things", so please enjoy the silliness. =)

My first year at grad school is now coming to a close and my end of year review is coming up in just two short weeks! It's been an amazing experience thus far and I'll be sure to do an extensive post on the year once my review is over and I can breathe again haha. Until next time, best wishes!