Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy New Year! month late

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing first month of 2013 as well as an amazing holidays! I apologize for my blogger absence over the past several weeks. With final critiques and a much too long winter holiday break, I was a bit worn out. For more frequent updates though, be sure to follow my tumblr! I post work much quicker there and with much less dialogue, so if you're only following me for the artwork, that's where to go! For those who like a bit more content, this is where I will continue on with that.

So my spring semester began this week and I'm already neck deep in work, which is how I like to be quite frankly. Alongside my primary MFA studio course, I am also in a book course with the amazing Jaime Zollars and a digital course with Kali Ciesemier. I'm really excited about both courses and I think each will help me put together some great content in my evolving portfolio. I have to say that as time goes on, I am consistently more enthusiastic about my decision to come to grad school.

In addition to my graduate course load, i have several personal projects that I am anxious to work on and share with you all in the coming months. For now though I have a few recent images and sketches to share with you all and I look forward to an abundance of new work to post as 2013 continues!

Until next time, best wishes!