Thursday, March 11, 2010

end of the quarter update

Alright guys, it's the end of the quarter here at SCAD and I've finally had some time to scan in some more of my Portrait in Illustration class work. This first one is from our first assignment which was to complete an editorial illustration of a contemporary literary figure. So naturally, I chose J.K. Rowling! I think I lost some of the likeness from my original sketches, but this is not from a photograph, rather we learned to look at references and draw from them to create an original illustration. This was completed in graphite pencil.

Next I have another of my alla prima oil paintings. This was completed in about an hour and a half or so, and is by far my best one, being the fourth and final one I did.

Lastly! What quarter would be complete without a portrait of my idol, Jessica Simpson!? We were given the assignment to do a stylized portrait for the cover of the Rolling Stone. I placed her lower on the page to leave room for the text of the magazine. This was done in a mixed media of watercolor and guache.

I have one last portrait to show you guys, it's my self portrait placed on a master study of a Sargent painting, but we haven't been given those back yet. I'll upload that later today or tomorrow. I have some paintings from my life drawing II class that I may take pictures of and post on here. It was a rough quarter in that class as it took some time to adjust to that particular professor's teaching style, but in the end, I am definitely pleased I took the course. I feel as if I have learned so much about the figure and my way of viewing and drawing it has transformed for the better.

I'll be heading home for spring break tomorrow and I can't wait to see my family! After a week off though, I'll be very much looking forward to both my Watercolor for the Illustrator and Book Illustration classes, as well as my Survey of Asian Art, art history elective!