Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A visit from Leonard Marcus

I am so excited to be finally going to print on my Princess Etiquette book tomorrow! Once they are all assembled and ready for purchase, I will be sure to post a link to my shop here on the blog, as well as on my facebook, tumblr and twitter! The above image was illustrated as the cover for the book, which by the way, the full title is Princess Primer: 12 easy steps to becoming a proper princess. 

As I am coming to a close on the production of this project, I'm really excited to keep moving forward with my other endeavors at the moment. Below is a finished spread for the Snow White and Rose Red book dummy I am working on. I plan to complete one, possibly two more spreads and a few ink drawings and leave the rest in sketch form. I also have the Fairy Godmother Academy going on and a line of winter greeting cards and stationary that will also be available in about two weeks. 

In other news, we had an absolutely amazing guest today at the MICA Illustration Practice MFA program today! The acclaimed children's book historian Leonard Marcus came to speak with all of us as a part of our critical seminar with Stephanie Plunkett (shown below) and Joyce Schiller of the Norman Rockwell Museum. It was such a pleasure to hear about one of my favorite subjects from such an authority on children's literature. 

Every day, I find myself more and more pleased to have selected MICA for my graduate studies. There are so many amazing opportunities here! I feel that I have already grown so much and my first semester has still not even come to completion. I'm really looking forward to what the next year and a half holds in store! Until next time then, best wishes!


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