Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer greetings!

Hi everyone! I have to apologize for neglecting this blog for a while. Shortly after my last post my hard drive crashed and I lost everything! I was pretty crushed about it of course and hit a bit of a slump. Additionally I graduated in May and since have been doing a lot of traveling and moving! But I've finally picked up the pieces of my sadly lost thesis and gained the momentum to keep moving forward! I'm working on some new projects at the moment, but before I proceed with sharing those, I wanted to do this quick post to share just a few more pieces that I completed in the spring before losing my files.

Firstly I was working on a retelling of the Jabberwocky poem set in an India inspired fantasy world.

Additionally, I did a little doodle for a background piece in a good friend's stop motion animation. When I can grab the link to that, I'll be sure to edit it into the post.

And lastly here is a quick sketch that i first made for one of the new projects I'm currently developing =).

I'll be reporting back within the next day or so with some actually current work, but in the mean time, best wishes! And thank you for sticking with me through the lull! 


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