Saturday, February 15, 2014

Characters and Patterns

Well firstly, I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day and for those of you in the Northeast, I hope the nor'easter didn't get y'all too badly! Frankly, it dropped way too much snow on us here in Baltimore for my taste. Hopefully I'll be escaping this climate soon enough though, haha. The cold has certainly made it easier to keep inside and keep working though, so I thought I'd share the patterns from the air travel series so far with you guys as well as some of my work for my character design course.

So for my Character Design class we were all split up into two "gangs" and were given random names and a random weapon to create a character for which we will be battling with throughout the semester aside from our regular homework. I got "Apollo" and his weapon is a machete.

Keeping with the Greek names, I also whipped something up for Sketch Dailies' Valentine's Day theme "Aphrodite" 

There is a lot more work on the way, so stay tuned guys! Until next time, best wishes!


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