Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer projects

hey guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer season! Mine has been so hectic the past several weeks as I have been choreographing a production of the musical Back to the 8Os which has been a really fun experience, but very time consuming! However my time on the production is coming to a close and I've been really trying to get organized with my illustration work so I can start sending out mailers and emails. Unfortunately, a major problem I am running into is my lack of a large scanner in Louisiana, enabling me only to scan in my smaller projects and sketches. Does anyone know of a solution to this? I'm going to stop by the UPS store tomorrow to see if they can scan images, but if anyone knows of another place I could try please let me know! Otherwise, I can't post much that I'm working on until I get a hold of a scanner. Until then though, I have a piece I completed that I'm considering for the homepage of my website and I need some opinions.

Ink, or no Ink?


  1. Hello Josh, I just found you on Watercolour Wednesdays and I really like your work. I often have the same problem as yours in this post - do I add an ink line or not? (I should tell you that I am only an aspiring illustrator, not an experienced one!) The line here adds definition which is nice, but does give it a slightly harder look. I think if you add line, rather than just being an outline, have it do something - let it be a bit broken and lively, or create patterns or movement. Sepia ink is very fairytale (think Arthur Rackham) and might give you that definition without overpowering the soft colours. Do come and give me advice too. I always need it, even if I don't ask for it!

  2. I love the ink, but if you think it's too strong, you can always just beef up the pencil line a little.