Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm Almost There! (Cue singing swamp animals)

In just one short week I will have the thesis exhibition, and I could not be more excited! Though it will only be representative of a particular body of my work, It is really the culmination of all of the growth I have experienced in grad school, and I am so thankful to the amazing mentors I have had to guide me.

The final component of my thesis involves taking the series of characters and patterns I have created and using them as a jumping point for narrative imagery! I've got two down and two to go, but rather than blast you guys with one insanely long post, I figured I'd split them up and share the first two now!

This next week will be rather nuts as I prepare for the exhibition, but you'll be hearing from me soon either before or after with the last illustrations and many pictures! For now I will leave you with the doodle I created of sketch dailies theme "My Cool Little Shetland Pony"! 

Until next time, best wishes!


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