Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Top Fun!

As previously mentioned, one of my courses this fall is a class in Children's Markets. For the class I am doing three separate series of patterns and prints, and I have just completed my first which I have titled Big Top Fun! These were so much fun and really energizing to work on! Actually in the process of this, I discovered that I really wanted to shift the focus of my thesis. While I still very much have a love of animation and still hold intentions to pursue my Wish Academy project, I have decided to center my thesis around children's publishing markets instead. Publishing has always been my primary interest in the world of illustration, and after a lot of thought and multiple meetings, I decided that this would be a better route for the course of my thesis year in graduate school. The project is still new and open ended at the moment, but I am excited to explore where this road takes me and I look forward to sharing the details with all of you as they come to me! So for now, enjoy my series of circus fun!

Until next time, best wishes!


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