Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Nothings Really... and Some News!

Hello all! I hope that the beginning of spring is treating you all well! I apologize for the small hiatus on the blog, February and March have been just insane! I got everything sorted out with grad school, and I'm pleased to announce that I will be attending my top choice, MICA, to receive my MFA in Illustration Practice. I am BEYOND excited! I also had the most amazing opportunity to spend a week in Los Angelas and attend the world premiere of The Hunger Games, which if you follow this blog you know I'm obsessed with!

Other than that though, my lessons have just been insane at the gallery here in Louisina. I went from teaching a couple times a month to almost every day! That meant taking focus off of illustration for a bit and completing dozens of acrylic paintings and demos for my students. While of course that is fun, I have missed my preferred outlet of illustration! In that period though, I wasn't entirely absent from the illustration world and continued to participate in the Square Carousel Collective and I have two pieces from that to share with you today. The first being the most recent, in which we participated in What I Wore. The latter was for St. Patricks Day to celebrate the holiday that is so popular in our Alma Mater's city: Savannah, Ga. We each designed a float or character for our own little parade since we had to miss the big one this year.

What I Wore

St. Patty's Day Parade: Runaway Leprechaun

After we all completed our parade characters, the illustrator who selected the challenge, Molly Wilson put together a compilation of the whole parade! 

With things now settled and organized for all of my lessons, I'm really looking forward to cranking out the images that have been filling my sketchbooks in the forms of sketches and comps! I can't wait to share them with you all. Until next time, best wishes!

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