Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and the winter continues

I don't know about y'all but I have to say that I am just SO ready for the spring! I'm absolutely tired of the cold weather. In illustration news, I have a fair ammount of projects going on at the moment so there is a good bit of in progress stuff to share with you guys as well as a couple of finished pieces! The first thing I wanted to share is from my Portfolio class. For my first assignment I decided to do a mock book cover for an imaginary novel of my own invention.

I have a sample with type as well, but I haven't decided whether or not to include that in my portfolio yet, so as that decision is made, I may or may not upload that here.

I also wanted to share the final poster from my Fahrenheit 451 project with you guys! I think that we will be informed on Friday of who's poster will actually be used! Keep your fingers crossed! Even though it's not really my style, I think it would still be pretty cool to have my poster selected.

And I know I don't normally share process work on here, but I thought that might be a nice change so here are two projects I'm currently working on. This first is an in progress painting for my portfolio class. It's an illustration for a children's poem about a girl and a harpy sharing stories.

And lastly, these are the sketch/color comps for my next project in my advertising illustration class. We are designing tissue boxes with the theme "Issues for Tissues". So I came up with the idea for these little pollen sprites who live in the flowers and make people sneeze =).


  1. Hello from your newest follower! I really like your work. Since you're based in Savannah, I'm guessing you go to SCAD too? I also like your poster up there. I'm working on my first poster project for my introduction to illustration class. I was nervous at first, but I'm getting a little more excited about it. (:

  2. Glad to hear from you Jade! I am a senior here at SCAD. I checked out your blog, you have some great stuff! I can't wait to see how you progress through the department =)

  3. Thank you so much! It must be exciting to be a senior. Soon, you'll be out in the real world! (: